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because it is a girl thing and they love it they think it is fun to step on a boy stomp on a boy and trample on a boy also they force boys to smell their feet when it is stinky by putting their feet on some boys face.

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Q: Why do girls face trample boys?
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Why do women trample boys?

the girls trample boys because girls want the spirm of a boy or ( cute ) boy i mean look at taylor lautner girls trample over him all the time i mean who wouldnt want to have sex with him too bad he already had sex with taylor swift i mean why did taylor swift so apoligetic to taylor( boy)

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only if the man wants me too.. yea im talking to you boys...

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Face or eyes.

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Shaving obviously! Boys- shave their face. Girls- shave their armpits and legs.

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Because it allows you to feel the sexy feet on your face

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