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because girls are more emotional than guys are, but some guys cry to they just hide it with other things like listen to loud music or something like that.

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There is a societal expectation that encourages girls to express their emotions through crying, while boys are often socialized to suppress their emotions. This can lead to girls being more comfortable with crying as a form of emotional release. However, crying frequency can vary greatly between individuals and is not solely based on gender.

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Q: Why do girls cry more than guys?
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In love why boy only cry why dont girl cry?

Actually girls are more emotional than guys. they tend to cry and cry (i am pertaining to girls) while guys tends to hold their emotion and usually they'll cry alone.

Is it true that guys are weird and girls are complicated?

yes guys and girls are almost the same girls cry alot i mean i am a girl and everything but we are very complicated guys are more free will they will almost always say yes unlesss your a looser!

Why to guys cry?

they are also humans and living things its not that only girls are given the right to cry

How do guys feel when us girls cry?

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Is it possible that girls have more tendency to cry than boys?

Young girls are more likely to cry than boys because young women have more hormone changes going on in their bodies as they are maturing, but, some boys do cry (probably in private) and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.

Do guys find it weird when girls cry over them?

no they dont. some feel happy because they think they are all cool cuz they got a girl crying over them. DONT CRY OVER GUYS. there are more fish in the sea

Do guys ever cry?

yes, boys have emotion just like girls.

Why do little girls cry too much?

There are so many reasons why little girls cry so much. Little girls may cry if they get in trouble, lose a toy, or get their feelings hurt. Little girls tend to be more emotional than little boys.

Why do girls cry when?

Girls cry for a variety of reasons, just like everyone else. It could be due to feeling overwhelmed, sad, frustrated, or even happy. Crying is a natural emotional response that helps release tension and express feelings.

What is the difference between crying like a girl and crying like a boy?

Our society does not permit boys to cry, so when boys cry, they lock themselves up in a bedroom or bathroom and cry silently and get it over with quickly and never admit that they cried. Girls cry more openly because it lets others see that they are unhappy, and others are more willing to comfort them if they are seen crying. Girls are generally taught to only cry around girls, because guys don't know how to treat girls who are crying.

Why women get more depressed than men?

Girls are more dramatic, and they cry more because their tear glands (or whatever) are shaped different.

Why are guys so weird?

First off, guys are not wierd, but neither are girls (im a guy). Its just that guys can't understand why girls often cry, have periods, and care so much and that girls can't understand why guys almost never cry, have lots of erections, and are fairly careless. No one gender is wierder than the other. Suggesting that guys are wierd or that girls are wierd is sexist. ---------------------------------- The guy makes a point, but I have one argument. It's not that neither of us are weird; the truth is we're both weird. But then again, in a world where being weird is the norm, being normal is kinda weird (and frankly boring).