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Q: Why do gay men wear arm bands?
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Why do some gay men wear wedding bands when they are not married?

In some States marriages between same sex males is not recognized, but the two men are just as in love as if it were a relationship between a man and a woman and therefore the gay men wear their wedding bands because they feel they are married.

Do gay men wear silver bands on their middle finger?

Some do and some don't. Just as some straight men do this, and some don't.

What is gay men briefs?

Gay men wear the same kinds of underwear as straight men.

Does gay men wear pads?

No they do not.

Is it acceptable for men to wear pink?

pink is a manly color and many men wear it though many gay men wear it to. So, you might get mistaken for a gay guy.

What arm should a men wear his watch by rules of bon ton?

men where watches on there left arm

Does a gay man have to wear a tuxedo to his wedding?

It's entirely the grooms' choice. Straight men do not have to wear tuxedos and neither do gay men.

When gay men get married does one of them have to wear wedding dress?

No, gay men are men. Men usually get married in suits or tuxedos.

What do gay men wear?

Gay men wear the same cloting as straight men. Many of them might dress like the men you will see on the Walkway of fashion show, but others may wear the same exact thing that their straight friends wear.

Where does a gay man wear an earring?

A gay men will wear an earring on his ear, just as a straight man will do.

Do gay men wear bras?

No. Only women wear bras.

Do gay men also wear the kippah?

Yes! There are gay-friendly synagogues.

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