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Because all those empty calories are sugar.

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2012-06-13 03:14:52
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Q: Why do foods with empty calories have little nutritional value?
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What are calories from foods like sodas and ice cream called?

They are called "empty" calories because they contain little to no nutritional value at all.

What is empty calories?

An "empty calorie" is a loose term used to describe caloires from foods or drinks that have no nutritional value. This means that, for the percentage of caloires they provide to your diet, there are very few to no minerals, vitamins, or nutrients, and empty calories tend to be high in suagrs, starches, and fats.

How many food are considered emty calories?

There are almost countless foods that are considered to be or to contain "empty" calories. These are foods that have very little to no nutritional value for their high calorie, fat, and sugar content. Some examples include potatoe chips, high-sugar sodas, highly processed white flour, and candy.

What are empty calories in food and what are the benefits?

Empty calories are foods that are high in calories but do not make your stomach feel full. Because these foods are often high in fat and sugar there are no health benefits to them.

Is Sugar Good?

Generally Not. Only sugar naturally in fruits should be eaten. Overconsumption of sugar can cause many diseases. Further it is empty calories. Meaning that when you eat foods sweetened with extra sugar like candy, you are consuming calories with little if any nutritional value. Also sugar is bad for your teeth.

What are foods that have calories but have no nutrients?

There are very few foods that have no nutrients whatsoever, but still have calories. More foods would fall into the range that they contain calories, but very little nutrients. These are known as "empty calories", meaning that they really do not help for the body. Some examples of these would be fried foods, refined sugars / starches, bleanced flours, and high-fat foods (like butter and lard).

What foods contain empty calories?

any fruit or vegetable i guess

What foods have little or no calories?


What are some examples of foods that have no nutritional value yet have a lot of calories?

Pot Noodles. but biy are they nice! theyare over 400 calories and do not have any nutritional value whatsoever. xx

What foods have no nutritional value?

Any food that has very little calories. Water is a good example, it has no calories; yet its very valuable to the human body. We are all literally made of water. Sweet N Low is another.

Can you name five carbohydrate foods and list their nutritional value?

Potatoes, bread, candy Some B vitamins . Mostly no nutritional value except for calories.

What foods supply calories but have little or no minerals?


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