Why do condoms have flavors?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Aimed at those who are playing it extra-safe during oral sex, flavored condoms help add a taste to the whole act, making it pleasurable for whoever is giving the oral stimulation as well as the party receiving it. These condoms come in every flavor imaginable including mint, cola, grape, banana, strawberry, and more. Flavored condoms are among the best condoms for oral sex.

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Q: Why do condoms have flavors?
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Do they still make life savers flavors condoms?


What are all the flavors of condoms?

cherry, blueberry, rasberry, chocolet, banana, grape,

What brands have available flavored condoms?

Nearly every major condom manufacturer will have flavored versions available. These companies include Durex and Trustex. Flavors range from the usual fruit flavors, to chocolate, and even bacon flavored condoms.

What is the size of trust condoms?

There is no one individual size of Trust condoms. In fact, this specific brand of condom comes in various sizes, colors, and flavors.

What is the use of flavors in condoms?

When giving oral sex the women would now taste the flavour of the condom instead of rubber.

What different sizes do condoms come in?

Condoms come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, smells, flavors, etc. You name the shape or size and its almost guaranteed to exist either online or your local gas station.

When was the company Condomi founded?

The company Condomi was founded in 1988. It is a German company based in Cologne. They produce condoms that come in a variety of styles.and flavors including chocolate, strawberry, spearmint and coconut.

Are there vibrating condoms?

There are vibrating condom rings that are put on condoms and vibrate but not condoms that actually vibrate themselves

Is there nutella condoms?

No there are no Nutella condoms but what a great idea.

Are latex condoms best to prevent pregnancy?

Well latex condoms are good to prevent pregnancy for the most part but as opposed to latex or polyurethane condoms or animal skin condoms are all good but I recommend spermicidal lubricated condoms.

Is condoms good or bad?

Condoms *are* good, but your grammar is bad.

Can condoms make you dry?

Yes, it is possible for condoms to make you dry. Condoms can irritate the vagina and cause minor swelling. Some people do not like the feel of condoms and find that it is a turn off for them.