Why do boys want to touch girls breasts?

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They want to pleasure you! They want you to say "WOW" or just moan... live with that fact!

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Q: Why do boys want to touch girls breasts?
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Do girls touch there breasts?

You have the right to touch yourself anywhere you want to.

Why do boys want to see your breasts?

Boys are stimulated when they think about girls unclothed.

Why do boys like tickle girls?

cause they want to touch the girls

Why do boys like to tickle girls?

cause they want to touch the girls

Why do boys touch girls?

They want to feel in control

Why do boys seem to like looking at girls breasts?

Some guys like breasts, and when they are looking it means they are really noticeable. Like they are either really big, or they have a lot of cleavage showing. Siliver96 replys: or they want to touch them.

Why do some boys suck on girls breasts?

because they like boobs its supposed to make girls feel good

Why boy want to press girls breast?

Boys are always attracted to a girls breasts, the larger it is the quicker he will be attracted. He may get stimulated as well.

How do girls get bigger breasts?

There is no reason for you to want bigger breasts

Why parts of a girls or woman's body do sexual behavior guys get excited about and want to touch?

Coming from a guy, guys are most excited by a girls ass, and her breasts.

How come boys love feeling breasts?

Boys love feeling breasts, because they want to feel a girl's body, and the breasts are something that males don't have. They want what they don't have.

You know most middle school boys want to touch girls but do most middle school girls want to touch boys?

Well, let me just tell you this first. You're totally right on the "most boys want to touch girls" thing lol. But most girls usually are a bit more mature and not quite as many girls as boys want to do the whole touching thing and so on. But the numbers are pretty close. Girls just take the whole touching thing a little more seriously than us guys. soo right! a couple i guys try 2 feel me up everytime i say no way! get ova it ppl

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