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just hug her

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2012-06-06 21:54:58
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Q: How do you touch a girls tits without her noticing?
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Why do guys like to touch girls tits?

Because i want to pay tribute to her beauty. And i want to show her how beautiful she is. And not just touch them, but caress her neck with my lips.

Do girls like you touching their tits?

only when they initiate it

Do girls tits get hard?

Yes. This can happen to men as well as women, by the way.

How do you rub a girls tits?

you just slightly squeeze them and rub them really lightly

Why do girls have tits?

They are mamary glands, after pregnancy they produce milk which is used to feed babies.

Is there a wesite that you can see girls tits?

yes on best butts and trust me you see breast

Does biting a girls tits pleasure them?

yes, but do it very softly and start with licking to prepare us for teeth

Do girls like thier tits sucked?

certain girls do like their tits sucked. Some may hide it and say EEEEW NOOO GROSS but I do and I don't even mind now that guys on the street stare at my chest and start trying to grab my tits or they toss a coin and aim it for down my shirt. You know all that stuff. I enjoy it sometimes. But yeah so if you wanna know more about me than call me!

Do blue tits eat bees?

Blue tits eat insects

Do girls like to have there tits squeezed?

Some girls do, some girls don't. Apparently some girls really get off on it, while others find it distracting and or painful. Def depends on the girl, might depend on how sensitive her nipples are at the time.

When was Jacques Tits born?

Jacques Tits was born on August 12, 1930.

What is Jacques Tits's birthday?

Jacques Tits was born on August 12, 1930.

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