Why do boys rub girls legs?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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its just affection

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Q: Why do boys rub girls legs?
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What changes are alike for boys and girls when puberty comes?

Shaving obviously! Boys- shave their face. Girls- shave their armpits and legs.

Why do guys always want to feel on girls legs?

Its absolutely normal and natural for guys to become excited when caressing, or even just looking at an attractive pair of female legs. Girls are not physically aroused by stimuli in the same way that boys are. Girls are aroused by what goes on between their ears: boys by what goes on between their legs! Girls would get no pleasure from stroking a boys leg; boys will invariably get an erection when fondling a girl's leg.

What does a boy do when he french kisses you?

umm girls and boys do the same thing! rub each others mouth and toung together

Why do boys like big butte?

Butts are just one of the things boys are generally attracted to on girls, along with legs, breasts, etc.

Why do flies rub their back legs together?

Fly's rub their legs together because they want to no that what they just ate !

How many knees do human boys have?

A horse has two knees, they are on the front legs.

Why girls legs are sexeir then boys?

Guys are attracted to the legs more than likely because it is the part of the body that attaches to the butt. They are curvey and usually smooth. Girls wear shorter shorts and reveal more so guys are more accustomed to seeing legs than girls who at most see guys legs up to the knee. Not to mention they do not shave their legs.

Is it true that boys have stronger arms than girls but girls have stronger legs than boys that are the same age?

Girls have extremely strong legs, alot stronger than boys. I have had young girls get me around my neck with their legs and squeeze so hard I passed out. When there 2 or 3 girls attacking a guy at one time, he will be in big trouble. I've been held down while two girls sucked on both side of my face, leaving huge hickys and laughing. syaing, "Awe what's the matter? That's proof that 3 little 11 year old girls beet you up." So beware, girls can be vicious.

In poptropica are boys popular to girls or girls are popular to boys?

it is so simple boys to girls . who is the people to ask out , boys ask girls . girls do not ask boys.

Who jumps the farthest boys or girls?

depends on weight, strength and size. boys usually jump further because they usually have longer legs and more strength (USUALLY).

Boys feeling girls legs?

You should only do it if they consent. Otherwise, you could also get an arrest record in addition to a feel.

What do you think are the most affected teenage girls or teenage boys by HIV?

Well the most affected teens with HIV'S are the one's who cant keep there legs closed and boys that never keep it in there pants. but i think it is okay, because the girls that keep there legs open for any guy is ok. As long as she is a bop. - Ginzo