Why do boy's touch their privates?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Sometimes a guys junk gets stuck to our legs and need to be re-adjusted and sometimes Because it feel good. You should try it sometime

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Q: Why do boy's touch their privates?
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How many privates do boys have?

They have three privates. They have a penis and two testacles.

What do groundhogs touch?

Their privates.

What is that thing that comes out of boys privates?


What does in the red mean for boys?

it means there privates are sunburned.

What are types of sexual harrassments?

touch someone in there privates. this is serious

Is stroking your own privates natural?

Stroking your own privates, Is called masterbation, and It is very natural to do so. About 80% more or less, people do like to strock, touch their own privates.

What size is an oak?

an oak is the size of a willly a boys privates bitss

Where are the 5 bear heads in build a bear ville?

of course he is you boys privates

How can you tell if the baby is a boy or a girl?

well after the baby comes out, the doctors will check where their privates are, (if you don't know what i mean, i mean where they pee from). boys have different privates from girls.

Why are womens boobs privates when boys aren't?

cause thats the way it is this wasn't the answer i was looking for

Is it okay bhtrgtr?

Unless one objects to it or feels uncomfortable about it. Most boys have at one time are curuoius about other boys privates.

Is it normal to sit and scratch your privates while watching v?

only if you touch your balls too