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everyone loves white girls

shutup cuz it doesn't matter what race you are. There are ugly white girls just like there are ugly Mexican girls so get over yourself.

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Q: Why do Mexicans date white girls?
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Why do Mexicans like young white Canadian girls?

because the white canadians is the best girl

I like this boy whose black and says he doesn't date white girls even tho I look white I'm really mixed with black and white so do u think he'll like me?

Yes, of course. Maybe you should ask him why he doesn't date white girls. I'm black but I date whites, mexicans, mixed, etc. Race doesn't matter to me if you love each other go for it.! Hope I helped.! <3

Why do some Mexicans find blonde white girls attractive?

I am a Mexican American. And all of my life I always found blonde white girls attractive. Every girl I dated was a blonde. I do not find any other race of girls attractive. I am not attracted to Mexicans, blacks or asians. I am not a racist, I like everyone. But when it comes to physical attraction Blondes do it for me. Why am I like this? Is this normal?Ernest JBecause Blonde girls are more interesting than brunettes!!I am a Mexican American and for some reason I also find white blonde girls attractive to me. The only girls I've ever found attractive are white girls with blonde hair. Maybe its a trait or something. It might actually be something normal in Mexicans. Even most of my friends that are Mexicans seem to be attracted to white blonde girls...--Matthew M. It's not because blondes are slutty. The mexicans don't have blonde people in Mexico

Why do Mexicans celebrate quinceanera?

Because that's when girls go from girls to women(according to Mexicans).

Will Justin Bieber date white girls?

That will depend on his decision. If he wants to date a white girl, he can. If he wants to date a colored girl, he can. People SHOULDN'T be racist about white boys and black girls, vice versa, or whatever!

Does plies date white girls?

I'm sure he does.

Would Nick Jonas date white girls?

Of course! he would date white or black he isn't racist:D

Why do Mexicans like white girls?

Because they love being treated like a king, most Mexican girls wont put up with a Mexican man...

Do white guys date black girls?


What is a small picture that represents a file or action?

These are typically referred to as a thumbnail.

What do Mexicans wear on the day of Mexicans of Independence?

they where red grenn and white

Does roshon fegan date black girls?

yeah! As well as he'd date a white girl i guess