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Cuz everybody likes to get baked.

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Q: Why did young people smoke in 1950's?
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Do young people smoke?

yes,they does

What type of music allowed young people to rebel in the 1950s?

Rock 'n roll.

Did use to be allowed to smoke in public in the 1940s and 1950s?

Yes, there were no restrictions as to where you could smoke.

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How many young people smoke everyday?

More than you would think.

If you smoke when your small do you stay small?

Yes, there is some medical evidence suggesting that young people who smoke marijuana can have their growth stunted.

How is cannabis used?

people (many young adults smoke it) smoke it you can get: giggly, Forgetful, confused, Paranoid, Relaxed and Sleepy that is what cannabis does to you and how you can use it.......

Why should children not smoke?

it is worse for young people and its strictly forbidden and you should know children are not allowed to smoke,drink alcohol ex extra

Does Tiger Woods smoke cigarettes?

Many people say he does or he doesn't that actual truth is he used to smoke when he was young but he has recently quit.

How many 1990s cigarettes must you smoke to get the toxic effect of one 1950s cigarette?


Where to buy marijuana in Portugal?

There is no "Where" on the black market. The most effective way to find a marijuana dealer: find somebody who is young and smoking a cigarette. Have a cigarette with him and bring up "do you smoke anything else" (i find that in the usa most young people who smoke cigarettes also smoke weed) if he does smoke weed he probably knows where to buy it, ask if you can get a number.

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