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The second spirit came to show Scrooge Christmas present.

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Q: Why did the second spirit come in A Christmas Carol?
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Is the Spirit of Christmas Yet To Come from A Christmas Carol mute?

Yes, that Spirit does not speak in the story at all.

What is the name of the third spirit from the Christmas carol?

The final spirit we are told is The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

Who is the Third Spirit in the book the Christmas Carol?

Its the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Which ghost did not speak a word in 'A Christmas Carol'?

The Spirit of Christmas yet to Come

When did the first spirit come in A Christmas Carol?

At One A.M Chritmas morning

Speechless ghost in A Christmas Carol?

The Speechless Ghost in A Christmas Carol is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (3rd Spirit). The spirit wears a black cape so no physical features could have been seen.

What is the spirits' names in the movie version of A Christmas Carol?

The three spirits are the Ghost (or Spirit) of Christmas Past, Ghost/Spirit of Christmas Present, and the Ghost/Spirit of Christmas Future (or Ghost/Spirit of Things (Yet) to Come).

What is the last ghost found in a Christmas carol?

That is the Ghost of christmas Yet to Come - This is the spirit that Scrooged feared most

Which spirit in A Christmas Carol was most freighting?

For Scrooge it was the Ghost of Christmas Yet to come as he was showing him what could happen should he not change his ways

Scrooge visits what places with the Christmas yet to come spirit?

While a fantasy, one could not consider the (Christmas Carol) a Fairy Tale!

What are words to describe the Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come in A Christmas Carol?

Of the three spirits who visit Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, the final one - Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come - is perhaps the scariest. Some words to describe the spirit, as it was portrayed in the book and the many screen adaptations since include:gravegloomymysteriouscreepygrimreaper-likeshroudedfacelesschillinghoodedsilentIt has been suggested that the nondescript, mysterious nature of this ghost is a direct reflection of the uncertainty of the future.

What was Scrooge's reaction to the spirit in A Christmas Carol?

Initially it was mistrust and defensive for the Ghost of Christmas Past, acceptance and shock by what he is shown by the Ghost of Christmas Present and final acceptance and fear of the the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

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