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how did some anicent culture show pregnant or nursing women

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Q: Why did so many ancient cultures show pregnant and nursing women in art?
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What is antenatal nursing?

care of pregnant women and their families

Can Breastfeeding or pregnant pay back their fasting after ramadam?

Pregnant women and nursing mothers do not have to fast for Ramadan - theyare exempt.

How many ancient cultures had women warriors?

13146 wemen worriors in 46748685 civilizations

Can pregnant women use skin brighteners?

It is advised that pregnant women as well as nursing moms should not use skin brighteners. However, there are some skin brightener products on the market today that claim to be safe for pregnant women because the product does not contain hydroquinone.

Who should not have teeth whitening?

Women who are pregnant and nursing should avoid any whitening treatment except for toothpaste.

In ancient Egypt where did ancient egyptians women live?

In ancient times the women lived in houses that were made of mudbricks. Surprisingly, unlike most ancient cultures, the Egyptians allowed their women (almost) the same rights as their men. They had the rights to get a divorce, inherit and own land and possesions, etc.

Why do some pregnant women and nursing mothers fast on Yom Kippur?

Only Orthodox Jews do that, and I think it's dangerous.

What has the author Puangrat Boonyanurak written?

Puangrat Boonyanurak has written: 'USE OF PRENATAL CLINICS BY PREGNANT WOMEN IN THAILAND' -- subject(s): Health Sciences, Nursing, Nursing Health Sciences

Can a nursing mother consume white kidney bean extract?

Nursing mothers, as well as women who are pregnant, should not consume white kidney bean extract. It is also not recommended for children.

What has the author Virginia Aukamp written?

Virginia Aukamp has written: 'Nursing care plans for the childbearing family' -- subject(s): Health and hygiene, Maternal Welfare, Maternity nursing, Nursing care plans, Obstetrical Nursing, Postnatal care, Pregnancy, Pregnant women

What did women use before there were tampons?

==== nothing ==== Some ancient cultures used small sea sponges. Women also used rags, thus the saying, "on the rag"

In ancient Egypt why did women need a god to protect them?

It wasn't just women who needed gods for protection, everyone did. The Ancient Egyptains used to carry amulets with them to help keep them safe. There were gods for different things ie a pregnant woman may wear the amulet of the goddess Tawaret who looked after pregnant women.