Why did slaves die?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Slaves die because they were hungry, thirsty, tired all the time, and toremented...

Many died from suffocation, but disease was responsible for about 70% of deaths. Outbreaks of dysentery, a disease caused by contaminated drinking water, were the main killers. Scurvy, a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C, also took many lives. Infectious Diseases like smallpox and measles were also common.

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Q: Why did slaves die?
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What were slaves able to do without permission?


What was the most common way for African slaves to die?

The most common was for slaves to die was either starvation or disease which they picked up on the slave ships.

What illnesses did slaves die of aboard the slave ships?

slaves got diseases like smallpox and dysentery

What illnesses did Slaves die from on the middle passage?


What happends to slaves when they die?

When slaves die it really depends on were its at.If a slave dies while in spoon positioned he/she is usual left there until throw over board.

What risk did the slaves take?

the risk that the slaves take is that they have to run away by night, unseen, and unsentered.

What would happen to slaves if they didnt eat food?

There will die

Use misery in a sentence?

Slaves die by their own misery

Why did slaves die so young?

Because they were beaten to death

Where did the slaves die?

Slaves would just die anywhere. The overseers would do something with their bodies. On the Slave ships they would get rid of their bodies by throwing them over the side into the water. Lots of slaves died on the middle passage either by suffocating or dieing of disease.

Why did many slaves die during the middle passage voyage from Africa to the Americas?

Most of the slaves faced horrible conditions on the ships.

What happened to unsold African slaves?

they either die or become free