Why did slavery start?

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Slavery started because lots of men needed help doing things like picking crops and cotton. they didn't want to do it all alone so they started enslaving people to do it not with them but for them all together. then when people started complaining they felt as though they already had dominion over the slaves so they started beating them until they would stop complaining.

To add on to this the reason why slavery started is I would say kinda of difficult to tell. I believe though slavery started in Europe because African Americans were the only ones able to stand the long hours outside in the heat getting sugar cane without getting sunburn unlike the Europeans which had fair skin. Soon the Europeans started to have African Americans become the main source of labor and sometimes, as gruesome as it is when African Americans were feeding this type machine the crop and it would sometimes catch their arms. So instead of losing so many African Americans, Europeans said that the African Americans had no feelings so that it would persuade the people to be able to cut off their arm before the machine got the whole body. (This is so theory I came up with but I just not sure about all the facts but that's pretty much the gest). Also this question is a little too broad unless this is what you wanted...if you wanted how did slavery start in America I'm not quite sure.How ever there is one theory that it started because someone read a miss staement saying that being black was a curse of noah too one of his sons turning him black. I think

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Q: Why did slavery start?
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