Why did pregnant women take thalidomide?

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Because it worked against severe morning sickness.

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Q: Why did pregnant women take thalidomide?
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How did Thalidomide help pregnant women?

Thalidomide was supposed to be an effective sedative for pregnant women, but thalidomide caused birth defects and peripheral neuropathy.

What was thalidomide developed for?

For pregnant women to sleep better

What is the name of the drug that made pregnant women's baby's deformed?


What drug was used in Europe and distributed in the US as a sedative for pregnant women?


Why was thalidomide prescribed to a pregnant women?

Doctors often prescribed Thalidomide to pregnant women to treat morning sickness and as a sedative to assist with sleep. Thalidomide was sold from 1957 until 1961. The product was withdrawn when it was discovered that Thalidomide was teratogenic - causing malformations of an embryo or foetus. Countless babies were born with birth-defects; most notably missing limbs.

What were the problems associated with thalidomide?

It sedated pregnant women, and then it affected the fetus of the pregnant woman which caused birth defects

What was the problem with thalidomide in the 1960's?

It Caused Unexpected Damage To The Babies Of Thousands Of Pregnant Women.

Why was thalidomide given to pregnant woman?

The THALIDOMIDE is given to a pregnant woman to make sure that the child do not lose there body parts.

What was thalidomide first used for?

Thalidomide was originally used as a light sedative. It proved to be a powerful teratogen, and was withdrawn after having caused a number of very serious birth defects.Interestingly, though, thalidomide can once again be prescribed in connection with the treatment of multiple myeloma. Safeguards are in effect to prevent the distribution of the drug to women who are pregnant, or who could become pregnant.

What side effects are there for thalidomide?

Thalidomide was originally given to pregnant women who suffered from morning sickness, it is not also used to treat leprosy. Although it often cured women's morning sickness, it actually causes severe limb dis-configurements in newborn children.

Why was thalidomide withdrawn?

Thalidomide was marketed as an aid for nausea and for pregnant women to prevent morning sickness. Thalidomide was withdrawn because it was found to cause birth defects in newborns, such as missing limbs, it also caused peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage) in long time users. Thalidomide still being used as a treatment option for various forms of cancer.

Why are women not allowed to enter thalidomide factories?

It might cause Birth defects in women who are pregnant or women who might get pregnant in the future. It has caused really bad birth defects in the past, and it would probably do so in the future if women who are capable of bearing children are exposed to it.

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