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to justify having slaves

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Q: Why did plantation defend slavery?
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What was plantation slavery?

Slavery is a pease of poo! And so is the plantation NOOBS

Why was plantation slavery under attack?

was plantation slavery under attack

What did Grant think of slavery?

No he owned a plantation

Who depended on slavery in the south?

plantation owners

What was on a slavery plantation?

i think that it's cotton

In the 1700s and early 1800s the plantation system and slavery grew in america. but why?

The invention of Eli Whitney's "Cotton Gin" expanded the plantation system and slavery.

What is good about working in the plantation?

Nothing ,slavery was terrible!

Analyze the ways in which supporters of slavery in the 19th century used legal religious and economic arguments to defend the institution of slavery?

The Southern Arguments:Legal:- they said that the US Constitution allowed slavery so the slavery is fine( fifth Amendment )Religious:- Bible ( slavery is okay according to the Bible )Economic:- slaves were said to be essential to supply cheap labor for a plantation based on Agriculture System.

Why was the plantation system developed in the south?

labor shortages, slavery and cash crops led to the development of the Plantation system.

How did the plantation system lead to the development of slavery?

A large estate

Was slavery the same for everyone or did it vary according to area or plantation?

Slavery varied greatly from place to place and plantation to plantation. The amount of rights and freedoms a slave had depended on their master, as well as the severity of their punishments and general treatment. Also, the type of work they were expected to do varied depending on the type of plantation.

What types of slavery are there?

Human trafficking forced labour debt bondage plantation slavery and many more