Why did owners need slaves?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The whole slavery thing was for economic reasons. some needed slaves to work on their plantation, some needed slaves to work at home as servants, and other needed slaves to serve in armies. Remember slaves were an unpaid labor force.

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Q: Why did owners need slaves?
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Why did people need slaves at the cape?

they need slaves cuz the plantation owners which were the whites did not want to work.

Why would plantation owners prefer slaves instead of indentured slaves?

The children of female slaves didn't need to be bought.

Which of these is a reason plantation owners preferred to have slaves rather then indentured servants?

The children of slaves women were slaves who didn't need to be purchased

Where did the slave owners buy there slaves?

The slave owners bought their slaves at auctions.

How many slaves did most slave owners hold?

depends. Plantation owners had slaves ranging from 20 to 100s. home owners had slaves as servants ranging from 1 to 3. the armies too had slaves. the number of slaves owned depended on the needs of the owners.

why did the slaves existed?

the slaves existed because the slave owners need more money and the owners came to people and said your child could have a better future and then they took them to make them work they can't do..

Who punished the slaves?

trusted slaves or there owners

What can slaves do?

slaves can do anything their owners say they have to do.

Did slave owners have children by slaves?

Yes. Females slaves were raped by owners to give birth to Mulatos, which were slaves as well.

Did slave owners pay slaves?

North Slave owners did pay their slaves, but south slave owners didn't. See the following link.

Why did slave owners kill their slaves?

because if you were under the age of 21 you weren't free so owners killed slaves to keep them as slaves

How did slave owners in the north prevent slaves from escaping?

There were no northern slaves or slave owners. That is why slaves went north when escaping with the Underground Railroad.