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Because besides being a harmful drug it, if used correctly, is also a helpful medicine. To use this you get a perscritption. But, unfortunately, people make fake persrciptions or take to much of it.

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Q: Why did marijuana get legalized?
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Has GA legalized marijuana?

Georgia has not legalized marijuana, and there is currently no initiative to. Currently, it is only legalized for medicinal purposes - if a doctor prescribes you medicinal marijuana.

Will marijuana be legalized in 2010?


How many of the US have legalized marijuana?

18+ States have been legalized Marijuana. They are:CaliforniaAlaskaOregonWashingtonMaineColoradoHawaiiNevadaMontanaRhode IslandNew MexicoVermontMichiganArizonaNew JerseyDelawareWashington DCConnecticutMassachusetts

When was marijuana legalized in British Columbia?

Marijuana has not been fully legalized in British Columbia. It has been partially decriminalized for medical use as of 2008.

Has Illinois legalized medical marijuana use?

Yes it was legalized May 26th, 2009.

Will marijuana ever be legalized in Arkansas?


Is marijuana going to be legalized by Obama?

I doubt it

Was marijuana legalized in California?

No, Prop 18 was denied.

Should the use of marijuana be legalized for nonmedicinal use?

Yes marijauna should be completely legalized. Marijuana is the most widely used and biggest money maker in the country. If it was legalized and taxed like cigarettes the U.S. would be out of debt in no time.

How do you tell the president that marijuana should be legalized?

write him a letter

Why was medical marijuana legalized?

because people in California are stupid

What are the release dates for Larry King Live - 1985 Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Larry King Live - 1985 Should Marijuana Be Legalized was released on: USA: 27 March 2009