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He felt that if someone bought gifts for him, he would have to return the "favor" and give gifts back to them. He enjoyed the simple things in life and didnt want the hastle of giving/receiving something he wanted no part of.

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Q: Why did chris McCandless not accept gifts?
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What did Chris McCandless give his father for his birthday?

Chris McCandless gave his father a new car for his birthday.

Where did chris mccandless grow up?

Annadale, Virginia.

Is ther a Christopher McCandless journal?

Yes, Chris McCandless left a journal chronicling his time in the Alaskan wilderness.

What is found written at the site of Chris McCandless's death?

I am not christopher mccandless. I m not sorry, I am the king, and I hate Alaska

What movie is based from the adventures of Chris McCandless?

The movie Chris McCandless was based off an Old book written by Chris McCandless himself, it was an autobiography about being the son of an Irish Immigrant candle maker and the heroic tale about how with his fathers candles he was able to save his town from some very bad men.

What is Chris McCandless sister?

that is not a proper Question. Answer #2: She is Carine.

What chapter is Chris McCandless belt in into the wild?

Chris McCandless's belt is mentioned in chapter 8 of "Into the Wild" by Jon Krakauer. It is described as a homemade leather belt with a large brass buckle.

Where did chris mccandless start his jouney?

McCandless started his "Alaskan Odyssey" in April 1992, when he hitchhiked from Enderlin, North Dakota, to Fairbanks, Alaska.

How did Chris McCandless meet Wayne Westerberg in Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer?

Wayne offered to take Chris to his destination.

How does gene rosellini shed light on chris mccandless?

Both of them wanted the D in the A

What charity did Chris Mccandless give all his money to?

give his money in the people who are poor

How would Chris McCandless have defined happiness may 1992?

nose poreso les pregunto