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She left because they took her as too young for the group

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Q: Why did Lourdes leave the omg girlz group?
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In the group the omg girlz who are Bahja Lourdes?

they are zonnique and reginae friends Yea and they are sisters

Is Lourdes and bahja spanish from the omg girlz?


How old is Lourdes from the omg girlz in 2010?

she is 12

Who is Lourdes father from the omg girlz?

victor rodriguez

What is Lourdes rodriguez' from the omg girlz middle name?

Lourdes Josefina Rodriguez

Is Lourdes Rodriguez dead?

No She Is Not She Is In A tEEN Sensation Group Called Omg Girlz Well they Kicked Her Out bECAUSE sHE wAS tOO yOUNG

Where does omg girlz get their shoes from?

Shamra Bahja and Lourdes mom makes them.

Who are the omg girlz?

The omg girlz are Star, Beauty,and Baby doll which is a teen group of girlz that are sensational

Are bahja and Lourdes from the omg girlz sisters?

yes cause they look alike

Can you get in the omg girlz group?


Who was first in the omg girlz group?


Is omg girlz still together?

yes they are still omg girlz and they are still together but Lourdes a.k.a lolo ain't in the omg girlz because they looking for older girls because they feel like they don't want like little kis in the omg girlz and lolo didnt get kicked out it was just the best choice.Lolo and Reginae are doing something so stayy tuned