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For the sake of profit and access to raw materials

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They were engaged in the slave trade

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Q: Why did Europeans countries eventually set up colonies in Africa?
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Why did europeans want form colonies in West Africa?

Europeans wanted to form colonies in west Africa because it was a good trading spot

Why do you think Europeans wanted colonies in East Africa?

so that they could get animals to eat off and to get money when they trade

Why did Europeans want Africa?

Europeans wanted African colonies because of the vast wealth in minerals, timber and herbs.

Which of these four countries did not establish colonies in Africa?

Which four countries? Here, I'll give you a list of countries that did establish colonies in Africa, and you can figure out which four didn't or whatever.BelgiumBritainDenmarkFranceGermanyNetherlandsItalySpainPortugal

What countries have the largest colonies in africa countries had the largest colonies in Africa?

There are no more colonies in Africa. The last one (Southern Rhodesia) became independent from the United Kingdom in 1980. The nation that had the largest colonies in terms of land mass was France.

Where were the people in the southern colonies from?

They probably were American Indians, slaves from Africa, or Europeans.

Europeans controlled colonies in all of west Africa except for the country of?


Where did the countries that had colonies in africa come from?


Why is Africa in colonies?

It is not true to say Africa is in colonies. Throughout its history people from many countries came to exploit its natural resources and to settle there and so many colonies were set up. All over Africa there are influences from many countries, particularly countries from Europe. Nowadays, these countries have left and Africa has independent countries in it, though many still have people from other countries living in it.

When Europeans made colonies in Africa the nation that held the Congo was?

Lol @ humanities homework =]

Was Africa owned by the Europeans?

Historically, many European nations had colonies in Africa. However, Europe never "owned" the continent.

Which countries were involved in the scramble for Africa World War I?

Europeans (APEX)