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there is no reason why condoms should not be distributed at school. The question is the same as asking why cars should not be fitted with brakes. The answer is that if you don't fit cars with brakes no one will drive them and then you wont have any accidents. And the same nonsensical reasoning seems to exist about young people having sex. the reasoning is ridiculous has never and will never work.

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Q: Why condoms should not be passed at school?
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Do most middle schools allow kids free codoms?

No.... That's disgusting..... No one needs condoms in middle school...... its high school where there's condoms...

If the girl is big should you wear two condoms instead of one?

How about never. The condoms will both split.

Why do most shemales do it with condoms?

They are called trans ladies. And condoms should be worn by everyone. They prevent STIs and STDs.

Where douse herpes come from?

Herpes are an STI they can be passed through sexual intercourse. That is one reason condoms are used.

Which cream should i used during the sex?

If you use condoms, then water based creams should be used. Oil based can cause harm to the latex used in condoms.

Can you were makeup at a boarding school?

Yes, and ur allowed to bring condoms too

How are students at your school responding to the health care issue?

They love the free condoms

How long are condums good?

Condoms usually have a use by date printed on the back of the wrapper. Condoms are usually good for a year or two if they are stored properly. Condoms should not be stored in wallets.

Is it illegal for kids to sell condoms at school?

Yes, it is illegal to sell condoms at school, but underage children can purchase condoms outside of school. There are no laws prohibiting the selling of contraceptives to minors; it is actually unconstitutional since the Supreme Court case Carey v. Population Services International. So don't let anyone tell you there's a law prohibiting it outside of school; they just think it's immoral, and they're trying to force their beliefs on you by lying. But you can't in school.

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Herpes, STD's Condoms....AIDS...

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When someone is buying condoms they should consider size, colour and flavours available. One should also take into consideration the different textures which are available.

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Racial Profiling Should sex offenders be named & shamed? illegal music downloading condoms in school? Should you have oral sex before regular sex?