Why cant ben control alien X?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Because he's not the only personality of Alien X. Inside Alien X is Serena, the voice of love and compassion, and Bellicus, the voice of rage and aggression, then obviously there is Ben, the voice of reason. Serena and Bellicus have been in a political deadlock for centuries and desperately needed a tie breaker. Both of the personalities always put everything to a vote. They even need to put it to a vote to move the slighest muscle. Which to Bens dismay, they refused almost everything he suggested until he hurt Serena's feelings by saying "I have 9 other guys who can do the job better." Then they let him go.

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Q: Why cant ben control alien X?
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Who IS the ALien x?

alien x is the first alien ben has that is a god he's the universe he can create whatever universe he imagines but ben has trouble using him because he's so powerful when ben's alien x he gets paralise because of all the power within alien x (paradox hinted that in the future ben will gain power and control of alien x)

How do you unlock alien x in ben 10 alien force villgax attacks?

you cant only in the video at the end but you can play as him in Ben 10 alien force rise of hex game that is coming out

When will Ben 10 unlock a new alien?

Ben 10 will unlock Alien X after 7 new episodes onCartoon Network on February 24 or 25 tusday or Wednesday i cant wait

Who is the last alien in ben 10 alien force?

Alien X

Can you get goop in alien force Wii?

no, you cant. but in the new game of ben 10 alien force called ben 10 alien force vilgax attacks you can transform in all the alien forms such as chromastone goop echo echo and brainstorm. you can not be alien x, but insted of him you can be cannonbolt. i hope this helped.

Who is alien X from Ben 10 Alien Force?

Alien x is an alien which can travel backin time.... that's all i know about Alien X.

In ben 10 alien force is alien x eon?


What is Ben's newest alien in A Knight to Remember?

Alien x

What is the most powreful Ben 10 alien force alien?

Alien X

What is the name of the ben 10 alien force episode where alien x is introduced and when will it be aired?

august 31st and x = Ben + 2

Will Ben Tennyson use Alien X again?

This depends. Ben said that he will only use Alien X in dire situations.

How do you get alien x?

you cant