Why can't humans live without shelter?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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because they let bad people in like weegee and malleo and sawneek too

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Q: Why can't humans live without shelter?
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What are the things that humans cant live without?

Well the things that humans do need are water/food safety shelter that's all what we really need.

What cant harry styles live without?

Water, nutrition, air, warmth, shelter.

Can humans live without calcium in their body?

no they cant calcium is what keeps are bones strong

Can you name Three things people cant live without?

Yes, food, water, and shelter (which, in a sense, includes clothing.)

What type of shelter is in temperate forest for humans to live?

In a house

Can plants live without humans and can humans live without plants?

yes. no.

Why are humans dependent on other humans?

Because a man cant live without a woman the water cant exist with out the fir and everything has to depend on something else there isn't a logical explanation. That's just how the world is!

Why do animals live their habitat?

Because they can have homes like humans do,and they can have shelter.

Why is shelter important to animals?

Animals couldn't live without shelter. Humans are animals. What if we had no homes? We would die. This is because without shelter, bad weather can wear on animals (such as snow, rain, hail, etc.) Good weather can also be bad without shelter when it's really hot, and can cause dehydration and heatstroke. Hope this helped!!

How long can a person live without shelter?

It depends on the local climate, and exactly what you mean by "shelter". In some climates, there's no real reason you shouldn't be able to survive indefinitely without shelter.

Do people live in the bottom of the ocean?

NO becuz u cant really live in the bottom of the ocean bcuz humans can not breath in water without choking and dying! so NO

Can people live without human resources?

People can not live without human resources, because food and shelter is a human resource, and if we don't have food and shelter, we will die!