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You probably just have the straps to large. You can easily make them smaller with the little plastic things on them. (Most Bras should have these).

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Q: Why bra straps always slip off your shoulder?
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What is the difference between a strapless bra and a regular bra?

A strapless bra is a bra that doesn't have straps going over the shoulder, while a regular bra does have straps. The advantage to a strapless bra is that you can wear them with tube tops and strapless dresses, where as with a regular bra, people will be able to see your straps.

How do you fix slipping bra shoulder straps?

Try tightening the bra straps, or maybe go to the store and try on smaller ones. 70% of women wear the wrong bra size.

Why do bra straps fall down?

LOL! because they are too loose. Tighten up the shoulder straps...Not too tight because then your shoulders will be touching your earlobes.

Removing a bra?

If it's a standard bra, take hold of either side of the clasp at the back, push the sides towards each other slightly, unhook them, slip the straps off the shoulders, and pull the cups gently downwards off the breasts (do not yank it, that hurts). If the bra is on you and you can't reach the clasp, slip the straps off the shoulders first, pull the cups downwards off the breasts, and rotate the bra around your chest until the strap is accessible.

Where can one go to replace bra straps?

One can buy replacement bray straps from Amazon or Walmart. After one purchases these bra straps, they can then go to Learn Alterations online to learn how to replace the bra straps.

Where to find a bra that's straps don't show through a tank top?

u can get a bra wit clear straps or removable straps at kohls

Where to buy a 30DD bra for a petite13 year old Needs to give a lot of 'lift' and small shoulder straps Suggestions?

Try Victoria's Secret, or Fredricks.

Plus Size Bras Should Support From The Cup Not The Straps?

Find yourself adjusting your plus size bra's straps in a futile attempt to keep your breasts from sagging in your new bra? If so, then like most women, you are wearing the wrong size bra. Your plus size bra should support your breasts with the band and cups, not with the shoulder straps. The next time that you are shopping for plus size bras, you should rethink your bra size. Try on a larger cup size and a smaller band size than what your current bra is sized. Latch your plus size bra on the middle hook and see if it is supporting your breasts.

Is it okay to tighten bra straps all the way?

It’s fine if you do that. I tighten my bra straps the whole way, and I have never had any problems.

When to wear a Transparent bra straps?

When you wear dresses like tank top or strapless dress then there is need to wear transparent bra straps.

What are some different designs of bra straps?

There are quite a few different types of brassiere straps. The most popular and traditional are wide or thin straps. These are the 'norm' in bra straps. There are also adjustable straps, in which one can change the length of the strap. Also, one can get cross-over straps.

How do you tighten bra straps?

there is normally a squre sliding thing on the bra straps if u slide that up and down to ur size that should hoopfuly tighten it