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You are nervous because you really like him/love him and you want it to be special. Don't worry you will be fine. It's normal to feel like this. We all do when we want to make a good impression. Even though it is not your first kiss it is your first kiss with him, you know it will mean a lot to you so you are afraid that he won't feel what you feel. He will though, he will feel it when he kisses you.

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Q: Why are you scared to kiss your bf even though its not your first?
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How do you make your first kiss?

just go with the flow! my first kiss was french and even though it was my first i rolled with it and he was really into it

I'm scared of my first kiss What should I do?

Yes there is pressure on the first kiss. It's mostly because the two of you do not know what the other will do for that kiss. So i say you should tell the other that your nervous about it and need to understand how the other person is going to kiss you. *Ive had my 1st kiss already but heres my advice: If you love this person and ypu want to kiss them then just do it and trust me they are just as scared as you are. make sure you spend your 1st kiss on someone worth it though. Its normal to be scared everyone is :)

How can you get over shyness and have your first kiss?

you be brave and u kiss the person dont be scared just kiss them

Why are we so scared to kiss a guy?

well if its ur first time its normal the first kiss is always the hardest

How do you get your boyfriend to kiss you for the first time if you are both scared?

just go for it there;s nothing to be scared about

First kiss in your entire life and im scared?

Some people have their first kiss when they're like 40 years old [lol], but that doesn't mean that you have to be that person. What are you scared of? just kiss him! You may never have an opportunity or chance again.

Is he still into you even though he don't come up to you and huge or kiss you first?

usually the guy is just shy to hug or kiss you first because he doesn't know how you will react.

Should you kiss your boyfriend if he got you a nice gift on Valentine's Day even though it would be you first kiss?

it depends, but with any doubt, go for it! It would be very romantic and ideal to have your first kiss this way. But if you are not sure then maybe you are not ready.

Do you feel sick after your first kiss?

Not everyone will feel sick after their first kiss but some people might. A first kiss can be very exciting, and you might be nervous beforehand, and nerves and excitement can make you feel sick. Feeling sick after a first kiss isn't compulsory though, and most people just enjoy the moment.

What to do if your scared on your first kiss?

new things are always scary, just remember to breath and enjoy it.

What does it mean if you are too scared to kiss your own girlfriend?

You will never be able to kiss her if your shy/scared so make that text/call and say "I wanna kiss you but do you want to kiss me?" this is what i said she texted back "Yes i want too" but first be sure too tell her you love her and say "Your Beautiful do you know that?" and there you have it you get a kiss Good Luck -PaCkIe MaCdOnAlD

Who is scared to kiss their girlfriend?

It is normal for some individuals to feel nervous or scared about kissing their girlfriend, especially if it is their first kiss or if they are unsure about how their girlfriend will respond. Communication and setting boundaries can help alleviate fears and create a comfortable environment for both partners.