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It could be implantation bleeding if you have been sexually active recently during your fertile period. This can happen 6 to 12 days after conception.

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2010-08-28 00:17:30
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Q: Why are you bleeding 7 days before your normal menstrual cycle?
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If the length of menstrual bleeding is 7 days after menstrual cycle is that normal?

If you're asking if its normal to have a 7 day menstrual cycle the answer is yes.

Do you still get a menstrual cycle when on the implanon?

The contraceptive implant prevents the normal menstrual cycle. Some women have irregular bleeding, and others have no bleeding at all.

Can you get pregnant while on your Menstrual cycle on the Mrena IUD?

You don't have a normal "menstrual cycle" when on Mirena, although you may have vaginal bleeding. Pregnancy with Mirena is unlikely whether or not you are bleeding.

How do you know how long your menstrual cycle is?

The menstrual cycle begins with day 1 which is the first day of bleeding. The last day of the cycle is the day before the next period begins.

What irregularities can disrupt a normal menstrual cycle?

These include amenorrhea, or the cessation of menstruation, menorrhagia, or heavy bleeding, and dysmenorrhea, or severe menstrual cramps.

Is it normal to start and stop bleeding in one menstrual cycle?

If you stop bleeding for 24 hours, this is not normal. A variation of light to heavy flow in a day or over several days is normal.

What causes bleeding outside menstrual cycle?

Various things can happen to cause bleeding outside of the menstrual cycle. For example, it is possible for sex to cause bleeding.

What does the menstrual cycle start with?

The menstrual cycle starts with menstruation. The firswt day of your menstrual cycle is considered to be the first day of true bleeding during your menstrual phase.

When do you get your period if you're on the contraceptive implant?

The contraceptive implant prevents the normal menstrual cycle from occurring. Some women will have irregular bleeding, and others will have no bleeding.

What are menstrual disorders?

A menstrual disorder is a physical or emotional problem that interferes with the normal menstrual cycle, causing pain, unusually heavy or light bleeding, delayed menarche, or missed periods.

What happens during the proliferative phase of the female menstrual cycle?

menstrual bleeding

How can you tell if your menstrual cycle is irregular?

You can tell if your menstrual cycle is irregular because you'll be menstruating or experiencing vaginal bleeding at random times. Anything up to a weeks variation from your average menstrual cycle is considered to be normal, if there are weeks or months difference then they're irregular.

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