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Perhaps it is simply gas pains

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2008-02-25 05:46:41
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Q: Why are you are getting strong lower abdominal cramps with no period?
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How strong can early pregnancy cramps be?

Im 7 weeks pregnant and my cramps were so bad and severe that I was certain I was going to have a miscarriage I went to the emergency room and things were fine. Cramping can be light to severe but you should check with your doctor if ever in doubt that's what they are there for :) Best of luck

What does a dream of getting a tattoo that says be strong mean?

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Are cramps tightening of the stomach heartburn headaches and strong emotions symptoms of pregnancy?

They were symptoms of my pregnancy, but just because you're experiencing these symptoms does not mean that you are pregnant. They can also be symptoms of being overly stressed which can also affect your period. Well heartburn is definatley a symptom of pregnancy. As you do not get heartburn from stress! Actually all those symptoms are a symptom of pregnancy.

2 Define refractory period and differentiate between absolute and relative refractory periods?

refractory period is the interval between action potential , the absolute refractory period is the period in which second action potential can not be initiated but in relative refractory period the second action potential can be initiated by the more strong stimulus.

Why do women have menstrual cramps?

Firstly, it's important to understand that although menstrual cramps are common they are not a normal part of healthy menstruation that women have to tolerate - there's a strong link between menstrual shame and menstrual cramps, also lifestyle has a big impact on menstrual cramps.During menstruation hormone-like chemicals cause the uterus to contract to push out menstrual flow but if produced in too great an amount these chemicals cause inflammation so blood vessels to the uterine muscles contract and restrict blood flow. Essentially menstrual cramps are similar to a heart attack: oxygen to muscles cut off temporarily, causing momentary death of the muscle.

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What are abdominal workouts?

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Do abdominal excercies help your body?

An effective abdominal exercise will work the core of your body; it is good to have a strong core. The best exercises will use all of the muscle group in the abdominal region.

Hi I have a very strong cramping but my period is until monday can you tell me what could it be?

I usually have cramps a few days before my period is due and sometimes a day or two after it started. The only explanation I got was because the lining of my uterus was shedding. I guess it makes sense.

Do you still have stomach cramps as if you were on your period if you are pregnant?

I had pains and cramps for weeks after my period was due, and the pains felt very much like the mild cramping I get just before my period starts. I was actually pregnant - although I was half expecting my period to arrive any day! Apparently it is not unusual at all. Take a home pregnancy test, and if it is positive go and see a doctor. If the pains are quite strong and concentrated on one side it can sometimes be related to ectopic pregnancy, so check it out with the doctor.

Is something wrong if you spot during pregnancy?

No, depending if you have strong cramps with or not, but you could contact your doctor.

Buy Tramadol Online- How Does Tramadol Help Period Cramps?

ORDER Tramadol Online - Riteaidpharmacy. Org If you suffer from painful cramps, you're not alone. Every month, millions of women experience cramps so severe that they miss work or school, and have difficulty completing everyday activities. While over-the-counter pain relievers can help, they don't always provide enough relief. That's where tramadol comes in. Tramadol is a strong pain reliever that is used to treat moderate to severe pain. It is similar to morphine and codeine, but it is not as addictive. Tramadol works by binding to the mu-opioid receptors in the brain and spinal cord, which reduces the perception of pain. While tramadol is not specifically approved for treating period cramps, it has been shown to be effective in reducing the pain of menstrual cramps. In one study, women who took tramadol for their period cramps reported a significant reduction in pain compared to those who took a placebo, the non therapeutic treatments. If you are considering taking tramadol for your period cramps, be sure to talk to your doctor first to make sure it is safe for you.

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