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When you surrender, you show your hands to prove you have no weapons. Raising them up makes it harder to reach for any hidden weapons on your person.

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Q: Why are we putting hands up while we surrender?
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After running, putting your hands on your head opens up the airway which allows more air to come in/go out.

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Take your hands out of the situation and let your attorney handle it.

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It Is called White Flag By Dido!

Who sings these lyrics I will go down with shame and i will pull your hands up and surrender. a girl sings it?

It Is called White Flag By Dido!

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For surrender as a verb (as in to surrender) then to give up, to relinquish for surrender as a noun (as in the surrender) then the giving up or relinquishing

How do you surrender on red dead redemption?

In the Single-Player mode featured in the game you surrender to the law by standing still with your weapon holstered and your character will automatically put his hands up and be arrested, although if you move the left thumbstick slightly your character will move and his hands will go down and the law will continue to pursue and shoot at you.

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