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more people on the planet are uncircumcised than circumcised. Therefore more gay men are uncircumcised.

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Q: Why are so many uncircumcised guys gay?
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Do 7 year old uncircumcised boys have a natural curiosity about other boy's penis's?

simply gay! Absolutely not gay in the least! All boys look at each other and so do mature men in the locker room. We are all curious as to how we measure up with other guys. Especially if you are uncircumcised and you see someone who is cut for the first time- it looks so different! Don't worry about it.

Why do guys act gay?

Straight guys sometimes do just to have fun, when gay guys do, they do so because they are being themselves.

Why are there so many gay guys in music school?

because gay peope only likes to sing or paly in instrument

Why do so many people hate gay guys?

Because they think it's unnatural.

Is banana Republic for gay guys?

I'm not gay but I like to shop there so to answer your question, no, it's not for gay guys however I see where you are coming from.

Do gay guys havesex?

Yes gay guys have sex just like any other people who want to do so.

What countries do not allow gay guys to be kissing on the streets?

Many countries do not allow gay guys to kiss on the streets. This question is inappropriate for those under 18, so please do not ask this question anymore.

What is a guy site so you can get gay guys numbers?


Why do gay guys feel that they are so handsome?

This is a very generalistic remark. The truth is a lot of gay guys have personal esteem issues as with any person of any other sexual group may. Less attractive gays are often left in the lurch as the whole gay scene can be a very shallow world. Some gays do have the attitude you describe but then so do many straight guys.

Why do gay guys try to make there voice high?

Gay guys do not try to make their voices high. Sometimes gay men pay less attention to trying to act "masculine" (like so many straight men do) so it may seem "different" to you, but most gay men are just proud to be who they are and don't try to fit into a stereotypical gender role.

Why are there so many gay guys in the world?

Because they don't feel they have to keep it all so secret any more. More and more gay guys are coming out because they feel good doing it, and it gives a good example to all the young gays who are still worrying about it.

Do guys give other guys chocolate on valentine's day in japan?

It is a really easy answer because they only give other guys chocolate unless they are gay so other than them being gay it is a no.