Why are most gay men hairy?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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This is untrue. Most gay men are not hairy.

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Q: Why are most gay men hairy?
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What are hairy gay men called?


Do gay men like hairy gay men?

Some do; some don't. Body hair is actually "in fashion" right now, so you see fewer men waxing and shaving and more going natural. Hairy men are called "bears," and there is a huge subculture of people who are interested in bears.

What kind of men do most women prefer hairy medium hairy or non hairy almost like woman?

medium hairy

Are most Arab men hairy?

some are some are not

Are most military men gay?

No, most military men are not gay. But some are.

Why are some men so hairy?

God created men to be hairy

Are gay guys attracted to masculine and hairy young gay guys?

Homosexual couples are only attracted to thier type, this could be young hairy men or the opposite. It is just the same as a non-homesexual person, they have prefference of what they look for in a person. People mustn't stereotype homosexuals to be attracted to masculine young men, no.

What do ladies love about men?

Most ladies, like men who have a hairy chest first of all. There is nothing sexier to a real women than a man with a hairy chest.

Why do men hate being called gay?

Only straight men hate being called gay. Most gay men prefer the term "gay."

Where was the place where gay men gathered in the 70s?

In the 70s gay men most often gathered at gay bars.

Are most gay men white?

No, the percentage of gay men is exactly the same in all races.

Is it true that most Jewish men are gay?

No, only about 3.5% - 8% of Jewish men are gay.