Why are lesbians so mean?

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2014-11-21 05:27:59

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Lesbians are not mean. But some people are mean.

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2014-11-21 05:27:59
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Q: Why are lesbians so mean?
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Why are lesbians so turned on by wheelchairs?

There is no link between lesbians and wheelchairs.

Why do lesbians not like men?

They are "lesbians" which mean they like/love girls. Lesbians often have male friends they are just not attracted to men sexually.

What does found music mean?

Music with lesbians doe

What does 88 mean sexually?

the 69 position for lesbians

Do lesbians cheat on each other?

No, not all of them. Lesbians are loyal too. Were not different creatures. -.- Just because we are lesbians doesn't mean we magically don't cheat. We are human beings.

Do most girls like to be with girls?

If you mean lesbians, then yes.

What does Homaphobia mean?

The fear of homosexuals (Gays, Lesbians) or homosexuality.

What is a lesbians favorite color?

white if you now what i mean

Can lesbians be reform?

WTF?? Lesbians are born the way they are. You can't force someone to be a certain orientation. So no they CAN NOT REFORM!!

Why do you like lesbians?

For the same reasons you like anyone else. If you mean why do lesbians like other lesbians, it's because they feel more comfortable with women rather than men and feel attracted to them for similar reasons to why men are attracted to women. But lesbians like other women as a woman loves another woman, so it's not the same as a man loving a woman.

Are lesbians bad?

Lesbians arent bad, its like African Amercicans, there a differint color skin, but that doesnt mean there not like us! So lesbians arent bad , they just like there own kind,like femal likes another female.

Why do lesbians look so butch?

Many lesbians don't look butch, but you only notice the ones who determine to dress so that you know they are lesbian. This is their choice. Many lesbians dress and behave in other ways. That is their choice too.

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