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because Cuba is within 90 miles of Miami and nuclear weapons can easily travel farther than that

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Q: Why are having nuclear weapons in Cuba so dangerous to the US?
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What alerted the US that communism Cuba have become dangerous?

the soviet union had begun to install nuclear weapons in cuba

Did Cuba threaten to release nuclear bomb?

No, Cuba never had control of a large amount of nuclear weapons, the Soviet Union placed them their in reaction to the US placing Nuclear weapons on West Germany, Greece, Turkey, and some pacific island. The US threatened a huge invasion or nuclear strike against Cuba after they discovered the Nuclear weapons in Cuba

What was the reason for nuclear weapons in Cuba?


Which would be the decision about which the actions you would take regarding the missiles in Cuba?

The cuban missile crisis was a very dangerous threat to the USA. Soviet nuclear weapons was moved to cuba to enable a range to attack on the west. The president had to seal off the coast so that the nuclear weapons wont get there. If I was the president I would have seized controll over cuba.

What caused was the of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis?

The Soviet Union had begun to install nuclear weapons in Cuba.

Why did the Soviet install offensive nuclear weapons in Cuba?

Because the US already had offensive nuclear weapons in Turkey. They saw it as "balancing" things.

Did East Germany help cuba build offensive nuclear weapons?


What year did soviet placed nuclear weapons on the island?

If the island is Cuba, 1962

Describe goldwater stance on cuba and north vietnam?

Goldwater wanted to use nuclear weapons on Cuba and North Vietnam.

Why fidel Castro's cuba annoyed the US?

It happened when he received nuclear weapons from Russia.

Why were the Americans afraid of the US having the nuclear base at Cuba?

Cuba is too close to the US.

When did the U.S. discover nuclear weapons in cuba?

A U-2 reconnaissance flight over Cuba on October 15, 1962, captured the first evidence of Soviet SS-4 nuclear missiles being deployed in Cuba.