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Not everyone is Mean to you ,,, Its just there tryin to think of themselves and you should confront them and say why are you being Mean and like if they laugh or giggle make it an issue to Them and then Say well Thanks alot and Like leave bang the door make it worth While trying to make them understand how you feel :) Kayleigh

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It's important to remember that not all girls are mean, and those who are may have their own insecurities, past experiences, or emotions influencing their behavior. It's essential to communicate openly and assertively with them, set boundaries, and seek support from friends or professionals if needed. Don't take their actions personally and focus on building positive relationships with those who treat you with respect.

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Take it from my point of view, after all I am a girl. Sometimes it might be because they are upset,don't want to admit your right, embarrased, scared about telling you something, in a bad mood, had a bad day or family problems.

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Q: Why are girls so mean to you for no reason?
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