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Girls tend to be that way. We get shy around boys due to liking them alot. And we wanna make a good impression.

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Q: Why are girls shy around you?
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You are really open around your friends but when it comes to girls you are quiet and shy will girls think you are shy?

probably, because im also really shy around girls

How not to be shy around girls?

If you imagine girls like your sister and to act like yourself, then you won't be that shy.

Why is knuckles is shy around girls?

because he is.

Is Lucas Till shy?

yes, he said he was shy around pretty girls

Why are guys weird around the girls they like?

they are shy

Why do you guys act shy around girls?

Some people are shy by nature, there is nothing wrong with being shy and many girls would prefer a shy boy than a loud and boisterous "Big mouth" the longer you are with girls you wre with the less shy you will become with them.

Is Nick Jonas super shy?

he tends to be real shy around girls he find really atractive .

How do girls feel if they are shy around a guy they like?

they feel horrible

Is it natural to feeling insignificant near a girl?

Yes this can mean that you are simply shy around girls. But do not worry, being shy around girls can easily be overcome by spending time around them like at your school and getting used to their presence.

How do you stop being shy around pretty girls?

have a wank before hand.

Why is it that boys seem shy around girls and girls seem shy around boys?

I think it is because we are insecure. If a girl or is around someone that they think is attractive the person might be insecure about heir own image because they don't know if they are good enough for that person, or cool or attractive enough. So they act shy.

Why are some girls shy?

because some girls feel uncomfortable around guys just talk to her and pretty soon she wont be shy around u... That's just their personality, nothing wrong with that. Some girls are uncomfortable with being around people they don't know, large groups and being the center of attention..