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Because boys are afraid to listen?

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Q: Why are girls afraid to talk?
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Why is it easier to talk to other girls than the one you like?

If you don't like her your not afraid to mess up and think stupid.It's easier because you don't like her and your not afraid to mess up or think positive and talk to her.

Why are men affraid to talk to girls?

Most aren't, but most girls will stumble upon a shy guy sometime in their life. They are afraid for the same reasons that girls are afraid-they are paranoid that the opposite sex is not interested, they don't have enough confidence, or they don't want to make a fool out of themselves. Simple as that.

How do you get a girlfriend if you go to a single sex school?

well a great way to meet girls is at the movies or when your out with your friends... you could ask them about girls they know. Dont be afraid to go up to girls you see and talk to them

How do yo know when a boy will ask you out?

well depends on how the boy is. if he is the type that is loud and isn't afraid to speak his mind then its easy, he will talk to you more tham other girls and will talk about you to his friends. :)

Deal with boy who hangs with mean girls?

You don't have to deal with it! Just talk about it with him and tell him you don't really like it because there mean to you. Maybe he could talk to you about it. Don't be afraid to discuss this situation with him.

How do you get girls going after you?

Well you have to be nice. Don't be a jerk to girls. Don't be afraid to talk about your feelings.; 3What I think you should do is go up to her and be a man. I think you should ask her out and when you do that you should be nice not a jerk. Be nice to girls that is what they deserve!!

What do girls think about guys who aren't afraid to be themselves?

Girls like guys who are self-confident and who aren't afraid to be themselves.

Is justin bieber afraid too talk to girls?

I doubt it. He's a total ladies man. He has even asked out Alexa Chung and Rihanna so yeah

How do you get girls to talk to you?

Talk to them.

What to talk to a girl about?

There are lots of things you can talk to them about, but most girls like it when you can be open and honest with them. They're afraid of getting hurt by guys, or cheated on. So if you can be honest they will feel more confident, and like you and trust you more. But many girls, are also interested in conversations that guys like. You can talk about sports, music, or a lot of other things.

Why is Mary warren reluctant to testify to testify on Elizabeth's behalf?

She is afraid the other girls will turn on her.