Why are Destery Moore and Nathan Owen fighting?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Nathan moved into Destreys apartment, and brought his cat against the landlords rules. within a couple of minutes, the cat got lost. he and destrey had agreed that the cat would not be Destreys responsibility. Nathan was extremely upset because destrey wouldn't help find the cat. destrey and he started to argue a bit and Nathan yelled accused destrey of not caring about his feelings, and broke their closet door. destrey left to Walmart, giving each other some time. when Des came home he got a message from his ex saying "Is that why you broke up with me? so you can cheat more? I'm glad i have a good friend like Nathan to tell me these things" Destrey didn't know what she was talking about. he discovered Nathan had said some pretty hateful things about him. Destrey says he knew this kind of thing was bound to happen, but he didn't think it'd be over a cat. Nathans side of the story is basically saying that Destrey just kind of sat there in his computer chair and didn't bother to even show that he was concerned for his friend in the least bit. a little while later, Nathan packed up and left, also taking all but four dollars on their bank account. they don't want their fans to take sides, so please respect that sources: Yahoo!

Not to mention, Nathan Stole money from Destery's Bank and, Destery found the cat under the sink!

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Q: Why are Destery Moore and Nathan Owen fighting?
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