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the wifes

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Q: Who watched over the house slaves and managed the plantation house?
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Where did most slaves work?

There were types of slaves and this told what job they did. There were house slaves that worked in the plantation house and there were slaves that worked with the crops. Some slave women were nannies to the plantation children and others were cooks as well as did cleaning and laundry. Many of the male slaves worked as blacksmiths, repaired items, and planted/sowed/reaped crops, took care of the animals. ________________________________________________________________________ In the thirteen colonies, the slaves worked in the south like Florida in cotton fields and plantations. Their "masters" did not like to work so they told these slaves to do all the work for them. Soon, most of the slaves became free when they went to Canada with the help of Sir Guy Carleton. They had to hide to avoid being caught on the frontier between Canada and USA.

What different types of work were done by slaves on plantations?

cotton picking, house work(dishes,cleaning laundry etc.) They worked in the stables, fanning their masters and tending to the plantation.

What were the slaves roles in Georgia?

The slaves had several roles in Georgia. For one, the field hands were mainly responsible for picking cotton. They also had to maintain the landscaping of the plantation, along with tending to the horses and livestock. The house slaves, however, were responsible for cleaning the home and making sure the master was well taken care of.

How was life different for slaves that worked in the home than slaves that worked in the fields?

Life for "house slaves" was easier for slaves working on plantations. The house slaves thought than they were better than the slaves on the plantations.

What was different between house and field slaves?

House slaves were treated better than field slaves. Field slaves were worked hard by a (usually cruel) overseer, while house slaves worked inside, out of the heat, under a normally slightly kinder person.

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What work did African slaves do?

Slaves did things such as plantation working and house working as well.

What size was a slaves house on a plantation?

Very small, typically a one room cabin.

In what ways did plantation owners show that they trusted the slaves?

They let them be in charge of the house wen they were out

Where did slaves work in Delaware?

they could be plantation workers or even house servents in the colonial times

Why did southerners retire from their professions to become plantation owners?

Being a plantation owner was their profession. Nobody retired to become a plantation owner unless the came across a great deal of money as a plantation cost a lot to include a house and land as well as slaves. Most southerners didn't have slaves.

Characteristics of plantation slavery?

A plantation was a large piece of land with a big house, slave quarters and fields of crops. The slaves were made to tend the crops and do all of the hard labor around the plantation.

Why do you think the plantation manager's house was located between the main house and the slave quarters?

so slaves wont run away

Why do you think the plantation managers house was located between the main house and the slave quarters?

so slaves wont run away

What did black people do in the Georgia colony?

Blacks were used as slaves for plantation workers, or sometimes they would work inside the plantation owner's house to do chores with the servants.

What did the slaves do when they don't know how to bake?

work in the plantation, do house chores, look after children, clean up

What were the women slaves jobs on a Rice plantation?

women could have had a job in the rice field, or could have been assigned to maintain the inside of the plantation owner's house, or taking care of the plantation owners children.

What was daily life like for a plantation owners' wife in the South prior to the Civil War?

She watched the house and took care of the family

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