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Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry S Truman. (There is no period after Truman's middle initial because he had no middle name - just a letter)

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Q: Who was president of the US during World War 11?
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Who was the president during world war 11 when nuclear bomb was dropped on japan?

President Truman.

Who were the planners during world war 11?

They are already planning world war 11, wow

What president ended world war 11?

Truman was President at the end of WW2.

Who was president when America entered world war 11?

Tyrin Kemp

Which countries were are enemies during world war 11?

During World War II the primary enemies of the Allies (of which we were a part) were Japan and Germany. There were also other minor Axis countries which were part of the war.

What was the not a consequence of America victory during World War 2?

which of the following was not a direct consequence of america's victory during World War 11

Why has Micheal morpurgo written about war?

because he was alive during world war 11

Who was the French President in 1940?

Albert Lebrun was the President of the French Republic. He was followed during World War 2 by Philippe Petain as the Chief of the French Government on 11 July 1940.

Who was Germany's ruler during World War 11?

Adolf Hitler

Who was the German leader during World War 11?

Adolf Hitler

What fighter did Germany use during WW11?

there was no world war 11

What president was a 5-star general in world war 11?

Dwight David Eisenhower.