Who puts toys in your stocking?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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e makes the little toyys and when hes done he puts them in

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Q: Who puts toys in your stocking?
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What do you get your dog for Christmas?

a stocking of toys (they sell them at wamart)

What are some examples of gift stocking fillers for a child at Christmas?

Stocking fillers for a child at Christmas can be almost anything suitable. Small toys, jigsaws, crayons, colouring books are all small presents that can be easily fitted into the stocking.

Stocking A School with Toys?

When it comes to stocking a preschool with the best toys possible, there are several things that you should remember. The best pre school toys are educational; however, not every toy has to be labeled as educational in order to teach a child a new skill. Many toys help the children learn new motor skills and functions. Toys such as building blocks, toy phones, and puzzles are awesome toys to keep in your preschool's play area. Toys such as these are not hard to find and are usually very cheap to invest in as well.

What are the most common stocking stuffers?

Candy and small toys are the most common stocking stuffers. If your a bad child all year, Santa might give you a lump of coal though.

Does Santa give you presents in your stocking or do you have to put the presents in?

You put presents in the stockings and "Santa" puts them under the tree.

What is a freebird and the caged bird?

good things to put in a Christmas stocking are candy,little toys,and some money

Does santa give toys on Christmas day?

No! Way! I put my presents in the stocking 4 my kids! But there both 6! (there twins)

Where can I buy stocking fillers?

Dollar stores are great for stocking stuffers. that way your little ones can get a variety of toys and treats for a budget that wont break your pocket. Another thing I have given was money. What I have also done was have a stocking stuffer search like that of an Easter egg hunt. It was fun to do!

What is a 5th grade definition for coal?

dark lumps that help fire burn/santa puts in your stocking if you're bad...ect.

What kind of things do you put inside a stocking?

candy canes, mini toys, candy, etc. (something small) that fits the age group your buying for

Where can one purchase pet items for a Christmas stocking?

Popular Christmas stocking presents for pets include catnip for cats and rawhide chews for dogs. Pet toys are available at a large number of department, grocery and pet stores. They can also be purchased online through Amazon.

When did the lump of coal in the stocking start?

the history of coal in a Christmas stocking is nothing more that being left of the toy list as a result of bad behavior. when stockings were being filled the the gift giver reaches down by the fireplace to the bin grabs a hunk or two coal and stuffs the naughty child's stocking while placing toys in the stockings of those children who have been a joy to their parents.