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children and candy

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Q: Who plays with a pinata at Christmas and what is inside?
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What inside a modern pinata?

Candy and toys

What country would you find a pinata on Christmas day?


What is trditionally broken during a Christmas festivel in mexio?


What is made to be broken?

A Christmas cracker A pinata And much more...

In what country would you find a pinata on Christmas day?


What was the Decorated container filled with toys and candy and broken by Mexican children at Christmas?


What are pinatas?

pinata's are news paper with lollies inside it .very good to smash

What is a bag called with a vampire fang tin foils and chocolate inside?

A vampire pinata

Do you create a pinata in viva pinata?

No, you can't create a Pinata on Viva Pinata.

What do you call he Mexican ornament that is broken on Christmas?

A pinata, a container often made of papier-mache, cloth, or pottery and filled with fruit, toys, or both, is broken on Christmas.

Who was the inventor of the pinata?

jorje pinata

What has the author Sandra Cowsill written?

Sandra Cowsill has written: 'Christmas by the book and other plays' -- subject(s): American Christmas plays, Christmas plays, American