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Sporting Arms Mfg. Littlefield TX & their phone number has been disconnected

The Snake Charmer in 410 & stainless steel only is being currently (2010) manufactured by EAA. You can find the at Ellett Bro or RSR if you are a dealer.

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Q: Who manufactures snake charmer 410 shotgun?
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What is the value of 410 shotgun snake charmer?

165 or so

Where can you buy a snake charmer 410 shotgun?

Rossi makes a copy of the snake charmer in blue or stainless. Lots of Rossi dealers.

Where can you find parts for a Snake Charmer ll 410 shotgun?

Trry Numrich or

How much is a 410 snake charmer 2 shotgun worth if used?

$100-150 Good gun,small light and packs a punch.

Need price on snake charmer serial number 49796 not been shot?

what is the price on snake chamer 410 shotgun serial number 49796 has not been shot and is stainless steel

Prices on snake charmer 410 shotguns?

100-300 or so

What type of gun is a snake charmer?

A snake charmer is shot gun. It is.410 single shot. It is about four pounds and very small. It cost around 160$. Very cool.

What you the value of a 410 snake charmer?

The value of a 410 snake charmer can vary depending on its condition, brand, and any additional features it may have. Generally, a new .410 snake charmer firearm starts around $200-$300, but prices can go higher for vintage or collectible models. It's recommended to research current market prices or consult with a gun appraiser for a more precise value.

Parts catalog for snake charmer 410 from h-koon inc?

Hoosier Gun Works in KY

Will the snake charmer 410 shoot a 45 pistol ammo?

NO. Unlike the Judge and similar dual caliber handguns, the snake charmer was made for .410 shells ONLY. Bore diameter is too small. It MAY fire a time or two, but the pressures will be greater than the gun was designed for. Eventually it will fail, hurting you.

Can you shoot a 3 inch 410 shell in an opriginal Texas made 1980's H. Koon Snake Charmer The new Snake Charmer II Turkish madesays YES?

It it is so marked and the owner's manual says so.

Can you purchase a pistol grip to replace the stock on your 410 gauge snake charmer?

To my knowledge a pistol grip was never made for the Snake Charmer, I think it has something to do with it being considered a sawed off or something like that, If you wanted to put a pistol grip on it you'd have to shorten the barrel to pistol length. (Which you would have to do anyways to fire it like a pistol) I personally just cut the unwanted stock off, sawed the barrel shorter, and then fiber-glassed over the grip to smooth it out and make it comfortable. Instead of defacing your Snake Charmer, you really might be further ahead buying a Taurus .45/.410 or any of the Bond Arms derringers chambered in .410.