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Hunter Arms

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Q: Who manufactured Fulton double barrell shotguns?
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When were exposed hammers on double barrell shotguns discontinued?

Never. They're still manufactured, typically as replicas, and with the purposes of catering to CASS shooters.

Who manufactured the Spanish double barrel shotguns sold by Sears?


Is the double barrel shot gun an American gun?

Double barreled shotguns are manufactured in several countries.

Where are the LC Smith 410 double barrel shotgun manufactured?

Hunter Arms Company, Fulton, New York

How much is a delphian double barrel 12 gauge shot gun?

Delphian Arms Co shotguns that were distributed H&D Folsom Sporting Goods were either manufactured by Crescent Arms Co (Norwich, CN, 1892-1931) or imported from Belgium. The same name was also used by Supplee-Biddle Hardware on Fulton Model shotguns manufactured by Hunter Arms Co. (Fulton, NY, 1890-1945). The value of any gun is based on the exact make, model and condition. Most of these are middling quality, and sell for $150 or so.

What is a 12 gauge double barrell rabbit ear made by howard arms co worth?

These old shotguns usually go for one to two hundred dollars ($1 - $200)

How old is Lefever Nitro Special 16 gauge double barrel shotgun serial 280306?

The shotguns were manufactured by Ithaca from 1921 through 1947. Yours was manufactured in 1928.

Value fulton 16Gauge serial 160431 double barrel?

value always depends on condition and a person interested in such a shotgun. Fulton arms co was a trademark name marked on shotguns made by W.H Davenport Fire Arms Co, Norwich, conn. It was incorporated by Hunter Arms Co, Fulton, N.Y.

Who made New Empire 16 gauge double barrel shotguns?

New empire was one of the miriad of brand names used by the Crescent Fire Arms Company of Norwich, Ct. between 1892 and about 1922. They manufactured good quality, inexpensive single and double barrel shotguns for field use.

Who manufactured smithsonian double barrel shotguns?

Crescent Fire Arms Co. and Crescent-Davis Arms Corp. They made the gun with only Smithsonian stamped on it in both single & double barrel and in several gauges

What is sxs in shotguns?

It stands for Side by Side in double barreled shotguns.

What is the value of a 12 gauge double barrell Hartford shotgun serial 148914?

what is the value of a Hartford double barrell 12 gage shotgun with duel over head hammers great condition