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Ruger is one.

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Q: Who makes 22mag semi auto rifles?
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Who all makes a 30-30 semi-auto rifles?


Who makes left hand semi-auto big rame rifles?

Browning makes a very nice one.

Are semi auto rifles legal to carry on private property in PA?

Yes, but centerfire semi auto rifles are not legal for HUNTING in PA.

The most common types of rifles are?

Bolt and semi-auto

What are the different types of guns?

There are many different types. There are pistols, rifles and shot guns. Pistols can be semi auto or single shot or a revolver. Rifles can be semi auto or full auto or bolt action or single shot or lever action. Shotguns can be semi auto or pump or single or double shot.

What varients of .22 rifles are there?

bolt, single shot, semi-auto, pump

What is the best maker for 22 Semi-Auto Rifles?

Ruger 10 /22

Information on 22cal Greenfield Semi auto Rifles?

10-100 USD or so

What are some good semi-auto rifles?

There are dozen's 0f good semi auto rifles. Pick any major manufacturer- Winchester, Browning, Remington, H&R, Colt, Armalite, FN. Sort of like "What are some good cars?"

Is a semi-auto legal in Pa if you have one in the pipe without a mag Then it becomes simply a single shot for hunting deer?

No, it still considered semi auto, and semi auto rifles are only allowed for pests, not deer or other large game.

What are the model numbers for springfield 22 cal auto rifles?

I have a Springfield model 187S .22 LR (semi-Auto, tube feed).

Can all 22L rifles also shoot short ammo?

It may not feed well, and will not operate a semi-auto.