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Mr. James Puckle (no, did not make that up) in 1718. It was a cannon with a revolving breech. Do a computer search for "Puckle Gun" and enjoy.

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Q: Who made the first revolver gun?
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Who invented the first revolver gun?

It was Samuel Colt. Also, it was made in1836.

Who invented and patened the worlds first revolver gun?

patrice revolver

What happend after the revolver gun was made?

You will have to be more specific.

GH on the wood grip stamped under the gun?

First of all describe the gun. Is it a revolver, or a shotgun? A revolver has a grip but so does a shotgun (actually a for end).

First person to invent a gun?

well the Chinese made gun powder and made a gun much like a musket ( not known specifically who is known). but in the late 1800's a man named Oliver Winchester made the modern gun called the Winchester rifle, but if ur woundering about handguns it was the colt revolver made by samual colt.

When did Samuel colt invented the gun?

Never!, Samuel Colt did not ivent the first gun. He improved it and popularized the revolver.

What gun company produced the first double action gun?

A good candidate may be the Starr Model 1858. This was a ball and cap revolver. With cartridge firearms, Forehand & Wadsworth made a .32 revolver inn what we would today recognize as a "double action: revolver. However, there were earlier "double action only" pepper box pistols.

Who made the first chain gun?

You are probably thinking of an externally powered machine gun, such as the 25mm autocannon on the M3 Bradley. However, manually powered chain guns, such as the Josselyn Revolver were patented in 1866.

What is this worth 38 cal hand gun made by us revolver co?

50 USD

What is the Hebrew word for revolver?

revolver (meaning a type of gun) = אקדה (ekdah)

What is older pistol or revolver?

A pistol is a generic term for hand gun. The revolver is older than the semi-automatic magazine fed hand gun. Revolver hand guns came into widespread use in 1836 when Samuel Colt patented his first design. The first real use of semi-automatic hand guns was in the 1890s.

When was the Colt 1917 45acp revolver serial?

The Colt 1917 45 ACP revolver serial is most likely located under the barrel or beneath the grips on the gun. This gun was manufactured in the early to mid 1900s for military use. The gun's serial number gives you an idea of when exactly the gun was made.