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Q: Who made the first 22 caliber revolver and pistol?
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Do they make a 38 caliber in semi-auto-matic?

Yes- but not very common. There is an automatic pistol caliber known as the .38 Super, which does not interchange with the .38 Special revolver cartridge. There have been a small number of target pistols built to shoot .38 Special Wadcutter target ammo. And there is at least one auto pistol made in caliber .357 Magnum (revolver cartridge). However, revolver ammo is rimmed, and auto pistol ammo is rimless- there are usually feeding problems when an auto pistol is made for revolver ammo.

US Revolver Co 38 caliber pistol with a serial number 2 311 when was it made?

No published sn data that I know of.

How much is a Texas Scout 22 caliber pistol worth?

Revolver, made in Germany, buffalo on the grips? $75-$100 in very good condition.

When was colt pistol with serial 153521F?

To answer the question we'll need to know more about this pistol. Is it a revolver or a semiauto? What model and caliber? I found a Colt frontier scout .22 with that serial number made in 1962.

What year was the revolver made?

Samuel Colt made the first percussion cap revolver in 1836- but it was not the first. Elisha Collier made a revolving flintlock pistol in 1818- but it was not the first. James Puckle patented a revolving cannon in 1718.

What is pistol caliber?

Its the size of the bullet that the gun is made for. its the caliber that a handgun uses

When was the first rim fire pistol made and the date?

The .22 Short, was developed for Smith and Wesson's first revolver , in 1857.

What is the biggest caliber handgun in the world?

There has been a revolver made in caliber .600 Nitro Express. This was an elephant rifle cartridge. As a firearm, it is a curiosity, and not a practical shooting firearm. There are also unconfirmed reports of a Maadi bolt action pistol in caliber .50 BMG.

What year was .22 caliber revolver made?

Impossible to answer without knowing who made it.

When was the first revolver made?

when was the first revolver made?

What is lightest 357 caliber revolver made?

Smith Wesson 340PD?

Who made a 32 Caliber Revolver with a tiger on it?

Not in any reference I have seen

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