Who made the Hawthorne model 880 rifle?

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2010-10-15 01:39:21

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I believe it's a Colt ( Colteer ) Semi or Bolt

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2010-10-15 01:39:21
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2020-07-08 20:51:07

montgomery ward

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Q: Who made the Hawthorne model 880 rifle?
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Who made the hawthorne model 880 22 LR?


How do you disassemble a hawthorne 880?

How to brake down a hawthorn 880 22

Who made western field rifle 22 mod 880a ech cal 22lr?

The Western Field model 880 was made by Colt. It was the Colt Colteer semi-automatic .22 LR rifle.

What is the last year Daisy made the 102?

what year was the daisy bb rifle #102 model 36 500 shot pat.# 880-555-1.062.855 made?

What year did Sear and Roebuck manufacture the Ted Williams 799 190720 air rifle and how many were made?

This is a Daisy model 880, 1972-1989 Pump. Unknown how many were made. But they were mass produced. The new "Daisy 880" started again in 1990

What is a Mossberg 308 bolt action rifle model 880 A worth?

10-700 USD depending on specifics

Which bb pellet gun should you get the crosman 764sb air rifle or the daisy model 880 carbine air rifle?

Both rifles are about the same in price. The 880 is about $5 more than the 764. The 880 has a 50 round capacity. The 764 has an 18 round capacity. The 880 has a rifled barrel, the 764 has a smooth bore barrel. The 880 is rated at 750 FPS, the 764 is rated at 625 FPS. If it were me I would select the 880 over the 764

What is the value of Montgomery Wards- Hawthorne model 880- 22lr cal.?

These demand very little in price.I would assign a price of 50-100 dollars max.

Where can i get parts for a hawthorne 880 22 lr?

what parts do you need? i have a complete, functioning one.

What year was the ted Williams model 799-190720 pellet gun made?

It was made between 1972- 1989 by Daisy. It's a Daisy model 880 made for Sears.

Does a daisy 800x air rifle have to use pellet's?

The model 880 is designed to shoot both Pellets and BB's. See the Owners manual at the link Below.

How much is a Revelation model 880 BB gun worth in bad condition?

If I am correct this is a daisy model 880. It is an under lever pump rifle. In poor condition it is not even listed. My catalogue only list it starting Good to Very Good. In bad condition it would be worth less than $10.

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