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If you are asking about air rifles it was made by Crosman Air guns.

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Q: Who made the Hawthorne Model 760?
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Who made the hawthorne 760 rifle?

Mossberg IIRC

How do you date a Hawthorne model 760 rifle?

Compare to a known dated model, Blue Book of Gun Values.

Does any one know anything about hawthorne model 760 ejn-760 30-06?

Standard Catalog of Firearms or the Blue Book of Values might help

Who made the hawthorne model 880 22 LR?


What year were hawthorne 410 model m150b made?

No sn data available.

What co made a pump action 30-06?

Remington Model 760 Gamemaster.

Who made the Hawthorne model 110 shotgun for Wards and where can you get parts for them?

Looks like Savage built them. Their model SB100B. Hawthorne model name was "Vulcan". Parts are available from Numrich Gun Parts. Good to see someone else owns one.

When was the Remington gamemaster model 760 30-06 manufactured?

The 30-06 appears to have been one of the few calibers in this model that made it thru the complete life cycle of the 760 Gamemaster, which was fron 1952 to 1980.

Who makes a hawthorne 410 model M150B bolt action shotgun?

Mossberg made most of the Hawthorne bolt action shotguns. They were sold as a Montgomery Wards special.

Who makes the hawthorne 760 30-06 rifle?

I own one of these - they were made by FN using Mauser actions. You should see the markings from these companies on the receiver if you take off the stock.

What year is your power master 760 if the serial number is 076455806?

There are well over 8 different variations of the Crosman model 760. Unfortunately Crosman doesn't have an on-line list of dates for model 760. However each model variation has a distinct variation that can give you a hint of the year it was made. So here is what I suggest. you can try Crosman Customer Service ( see the link below) and ask them, or you can get a hold of a book called "Bluebook of airguns" and read the section on the model 760 and identify your model year.

Who made the hawthorne model 804 22 rifle?

Blue Book of Gun Values has a store brand chart