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2011-08-07 16:46:14
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Q: Who made model 335 revelation 410 bolt action shotgun?
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Who made the revelation model 336 bolt action shotgun?


What is the value of revelation bolt action 410 gauge shotgun model 330B?


Where can you find a trigger guard for a model 325 20 gage revelation bolt action shotgun?

Try a Mossberg Model 385K. This is what it was originally

Who made the western auto revelation model 325A bolt action 20G shotgun? has a store brand chart that might help.

Where can you get a bolt for a 12 gauge Revelation shotgun?

Would need to know which model.

What is the Value of Remington Model 58 16 gauge bolt action shotgun?

Model 58 is an automatic not a bolt action

I have a Revelation model 325BA bolt action shotgun and it doesnt have a magazine where can I get them or can is there other mags that fit this bolt action shotgun? The part number would be 67710B. The gun was a Western Auto gun and originally made by Mossberg.

How old is the Mossberg 185D 20 gauge bolt action shotgun?

The Mossberg model 185D bolt action shotgun was made from 1947-1959.

Where can you get a replacement bolt for a revelation 410 shotgun model number 336?


What would the price be for a Revelation Western Auto bolt action model 330?

If your model 330 is a bolt action SHOTGUN, it is a Mossberg 183. These are good, durable, reliable shotguns, but not very high value. Depending on condition, these seem to retail for $65-$95 or so.

Why was the JC Higgins bolt action shotgun model 583.2 recalled?


When was the Stevens model 580 410 bolt action shotgun manufactured?


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